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ooc: Asuma is all ready to go! I hope his blog and app are both up to snuff~

Indeed they are! Thank you for applying!! Glad to have him here~

Job: History professor (university)

House: 1C-A

Roommate: n/a

Please make yourself at home!

"Never thought I'd find this place again."

Well, you have. Pleased to have you back, Kurenai-sensei! ;)

Job: Environmental Science & Horticulture teacher

House: 1D-A

Roommate: Giselle Gewelle

Make yourself at home~

[fly kick through door instead of using her conventional trapdoor] I'M BACCKKK (ooc: I'm back from holiday~ off hiatus for both muses please~ <3)


Welcome back!!

[ sakura's blog is finally finished~ application is at the right and i hope everything is in order for this pink kunoichi? c: ]

Excellent! And indeed it is!~ It seems as though everything is in order. Thank you for joining us, Sakura-mun! We look forward to writing with you :D

Class: 3-A

Job: Part-time tutor

House: 1B-A

Roommate: Kusajishi Yachiru

Please make yourself at home!

Internet's been down for 5 days and counting, so to be safe, pls put presh kensei (fanboy) lieutenant on hiatus ;A;)/ Sankyu Admin-chan~~


{{*hands a massive bunch of flowers* I'm really sorry but could I put both Cang and Gremmy back onto hiatus. Sorry!}}

It’s quite alright!

Set on hiatus for you!

((Salutations beloved Admin~ I think I'm going to have to have Nelly join the hiatus crew with my other 2 angels... I was hoping I wouldn't have to but my essay just isn't cooperating with me and I'm starting to stress so yeah... I'll hopefully be back with my 3 around 21 Sept though... Sorry and thanks))

Very well. We understand.

Set on hiatus for you.

Offers admin a large bouquet of her origami flowers. "I trust everything remains in order despite my brief departure?"

Why thank you B) Well, everything is just about the same since last, Konan-sensei, so no worries about that~ The students are actually behaving for once.

But in any case— here are your school details!

Job: Botany & Wilderness Survival teacher

House: 7E

Welcome back!

ooc: though it's difficult, Baka-sensei and I have had a good talk, and we've agreed it's time to part ways. My muse for him just isn't stable enough, and I think it's only fair to open the slot to someone who could RP him more reliably. So, could I drop Kakashi and place a reserve on Sarutobi Asuma, please and thank you?

Very well. Sure thing! Kakashi has been dropped, and the role of Sarutobi Asuma is now reserved for you till September 19th!

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