{ May I please reserve Ichigo Kurosaki, then? }

Indeed you may!

Reserved for you till August 28th!

UPDATE: Auditions have been abolished

Roleplayers will no longer have to audition for major roles.

The application process for both major and minor roles are now the same, the sole difference being that roleplayers interested in majors still have to write the Personality section in their own words.

So that is it. Simply reserve and fill out the application form!

Please note that the usual rules on IC-ness still apply.


ooc: Hello hello! I am going on a vacation with my family and the place has no wifi so could I get a hiatus until next Thursday? That would be wonderful,thank you!!


Have fun!


Due to inactivity, Kurosaki Masaki [pureblood-quincy] has been removed from the list of taken characters.

Everyone, please unfollow this account as it is no longer affiliated with NaruBleach RP Centre.


clearing out expired hiatuses & reserves

Expired hiatuses

Expired reserves

For those whose hiatuses have expired, we advise you to update your accounts quickly if you wish to keep them, as we normally give roleplayers an extra week to update before removing their characters from the masterlist. If an extension is needed for any reason, please don’t hesitate to ask.


im starting school next week can you place my characters on hiatus until i get use to my new schedule please and thank you!! <3


Good luck!

{{ooc; Sorry to ask this, I'm still not too well, I've got very little if not no motivation and Kiba muse is MIA. Can I take Gremmy off of semi-hiatus and Cang down to semi and drop Kiba}}

It’s quite alright, we understand. Granted.

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Due to inactivity the following have been removed from the list of taken characters;

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Very well. We understand.

Granted. We hope you’ll start feeling better soon, Elle!

((Salutations beloved Mods [bows respectively] uni is being a pain in the butt at present so can I request a hiatus for Momo and Yuzu please? I don't have enough time for all three my babies right now and Nelly is still running rampant... orz I'll be back before you know it though (9*^*)9 ))