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Welcome back!

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Major: Military service

Minor: Dance

Job(s): Dance instructor, highschool hall monitor

House: 2A-A

Roommate: Bazz-B

Please make yourself at home!

I'd like to reserve Kaguya Kimimaro, if you don't mind.

Reserved for you till September 3rd!

I've come to say that i'm unfortunately dropping this character due to personal issues. It gave a limit to my writing and i'm not sure if i'll be able to be very active due to it, therefore. I will have to leave for the time being. Thank you for having me and keep being fabulous people <3

Duly noted. Thank you very much for your time, Hitsumun. It was a pleasure getting to know your Hitsugaya. We wish you well!

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{ May I please reserve Ichigo Kurosaki, then? }

Indeed you may!

Reserved for you till August 28th!

UPDATE: Auditions have been abolished

Roleplayers will no longer have to audition for major roles.

The application process for both major and minor roles are now the same, the sole difference being that roleplayers interested in majors still have to write the Personality section in their own words.

So that is it. Simply reserve and fill out the application form!

Please note that the usual rules on IC-ness still apply.