Here's Naruto ^_^~

Excellent! Welcome to the group, Naruto-mun! Added to the list of taken characters~

Class: 3-A

Job: Part-time at the ramen stand

House: 2A-A

Roommate: Kurosaki Ichigo

Please make yourself at home!

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Ahh, excellent!! Added to the list of taken characters for you. Welcome to the group, Autumn!

Class: 3-A

Job(s): Part time at Iwakiri Academy Cafe and at the record store

House: 1B-A

Roommate: n/a

Please make yourself at home! ^__^

// *crashes motorcycle through window* im back (off hiatus for this dork plz~ thank you~! ;u; )


Welcome back, Maochan!! <333

//im not sure if you wanted me to send this on oct 6th, but here's my acc for TenTen :)

So long as she’s in by the 6th, it’s all good! Welcome to the group, Tenten-mun! She’s been added to the list of taken characters~

Major: Philosophy

Minor: Physical therapy

Job: Part-time martial arts trainer

House: 3B-A

Roommate: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Please make yourself at home!

Character update

The role of Tenten is now reserved for strawberrypinkette till October 6th.


Hi! Uni unfortunately caught up with me so may I put Sakura on hiatus till October 10th? I will let you know if any extension is needed! Thank you!

Indeed you may~

Set on hiatus for you!

may i reserve naruto? :3

Reserved for you till October 6th!

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Not at all! We understand that it happens c:

Reserved for you till October 6th!


Due to inactivity the following have been removed from the list of taken characters;

Everyone, please unfollow these accounts as they are no longer affiliated with NaruBleach RP Centre.


Hello! I'd like to reserve Grimmjow from Bleach please!

Reserved for you till October 5th!