"Ahh... I would like to submit a change in circumstances form." [Slides application in where address has changed to house 3E]

Duly noted!

Uchiha Itachi has informed us of the change beforehand— you now live at House 3E.

Try not to give him too much of a headache now!

*flashes some pictures of itachis butt and pushes glasses up* ooc; i hope everything is okay with karins blog and would it be possible for karin's memories to be regained >< thank you!!

… Hello again, Karin-chan. Ready to resume your place here at Iwakiri, I assume? 

Major: Anatomy

Minor: Literature

House: 1B-A

Roommate: Kurosaki Karin

Please, make yourself at home! And try not to unsettle Itachi-san too much.

((Yes on both counts, Lisa! You’re good ;) Once again, welcome back!!))

please reserve kushina uzumaki for me!! ;v;

Reserved for you till April 26th!

"H-hello, after I looked through the club and sport team list, I would like to join the Medicinal Arts Club and the Archery team!"


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Welcome back!

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Hiatus granted!



buttoning up the new dark colored uniform specific to the students of her major, she glanced at the mirror…

"da new uniform aint too shabby ne?"

her zanpakutou is sheathed and secured on a dark blue leather strap, to be positioned across her back.

"whut a uniform…i feel like a soldier now…" she muttered rolling her eyes.

Slinging the leather band over her head, the strap rested easily on one shoulder and across her torso.

"they ain’t done with messin with meh are they?"

heading out of the building, she made her way to class…

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Ahhhh excellent!

Welcome back, Hiyori-mun! Glad to see Hiyori adjusting to life on campus; creative return post, by the way ;)

Taken off hiatus for you!

Hello, this is the friend of the mun for your Yumichika. She wanted me to tell you to put Yumichika on hiatus for about a week.


ooc; emergency hashi airdrop inbound (reserve hashi pls, before the school burns with soviet blood)

Reserved for you till April 23rd!

ooc: Might I please reserve and apply for Madara? :D

Indeed you may! Your application for Uchiha Madara has been duly approved— here are his school details;

Job(s): Martial arts | Swordsmanship | Training | Disciplinary teacher | Philosophy

House: 1C-A

Roommate: Kaname Tousen

Try not to destroy the school your first day in.

Good luck, everyone.